Marquette Senior High School

National Honor Society

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The purpose of this page web site, is to make it possible for students to check on their status for the accumulation of points.  In addition, you can read the bylaws and also see the possibilities for earning more points in the future.  Remember that you must sign up to work pre-approved point possibilities at the top  of the stairs by the canopy entrance (outside the library, in the foreign language hall).

Your executive council is always looking for more ideas to earn points.  Bring any ideas you have to them and they will make a decision.  Your current officers include:

                          Evan Bonsall                                 Co-President

                          Ryan Piotrowski                            Co-President

                          Danielle Jahnke                           Treasurer

                          Mary Ann Nezich                          Secretary

In addition, as your advisor, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  You can reach us by e-mail


Highlights of the By-laws:

Selection (Article VIII):

· · Must be in high school minimum of 3 semesters

· · Selection based on achievement in all four pillars

o     Scholarship (3.5 cumulative GPA)

o     Service (hours of community service while in high school)

o     Leadership (needs verifying signature and/or teacher recommendation)

o     Character (faculty evaluation)


Obligations (Article IX & X):

· · Pay dues of $10

· · Attend meetings

· · Earn 100 points for NHS sanctioned service activities (10 points given for each hour of service)

· · Maintain 3.5 GPA

· · Conduct becoming NHS member in all 4 pillars


Dismissal of Members (Article X)

             1.    Non payment of dues.

           2.   Failure to maintain 3.50 GPA for two consecutive semesters.

           3.   Failure to meet point obligation as specified in Art. 9, sect. 2

           4.   Cheating or unethical classroom behavior.

           5.   Violations of laws and local ordinances.                                                            Alcohol or tobacco possession consumption                                                 Behavior related to illegal drugs

           6.  Conduct unbecoming a National Honor Society Member deemed                       actionable by the NHS Faculty Council.                                                            



For a complete reading of the bylaws, please send me an e-mail and I can make a copy for you.

The informational form is available  for those that would like to type in  the information.  Please print off a copy when you are done, and turn in to

Mrs Hill Manson.


Want to be a part of Honor Society, see what the requirements are by clicking here. See the advisor if  you have questions.


For a copy of the letter of eligibility, please click here