Cold & Flu Symptoms

Question: "Symptoms of colds (sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough) are similar to COVID symptoms. Does any child displaying these symptoms need to be tested for COVID? Every single time? And not return to school until you can produce a negative test?"
Posted on 08/14/2020
Answer:  If parents detect COVID-19 symptoms, they should keep their child home. Symptoms of COVID-19 are temperature of 100.4 or signs of fever, sore throat, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, and/or new onset of severe headache.  Parents should also keep a student home who is sick with other illnesses.  We will be able to seamlessly move the student to an online learner while they recover. If a student displays these symptoms at school we'll follow the attached guidelines from the county health department Click Here for School Handout.  This handout is also available on our website.  Again, we'll move the child to online learning as we wait for a doctor's note or the expiration of a quarantine period, or negative COVID test if deemed necessary by doctor.