What options do we have with online offerings?

Question: “We aren’t comfortable sending our child back full time, what options do we have with full or partial online offerings? Also, will MAPS teachers be involved in the teaching and learning for my child if we choose an online option?”
Posted on 08/03/2020
Answer:  MAPS is looking to partner with an online provider, such as Michigan Virtual, for what is billed as the whole school approach. We are using MAPS teachers to deliver both the in person and online instruction. For starters, MAPS is purchasing online curriculum from the virtual provider to make it easier for our teachers to deliver online education. In the whole school approach, all students in a class are registered in the online program whether choosing online or face to face. In most cases, our classroom teacher will use his/her curriculum materials for the in person instruction and rely more on the purchased curriculum for their online students. However, instruction would remain similar and students will be taught as if they are one class. 

This allows students to start online and make a seamless transition back when they are ready. This also allows for the face to face students to make a seamless transition to online if the Governor were to put the U.P. Back to Phase III of her COVID response plan. Students could choose which classes they may want to take in person and which to take online (i.e. core classes in person and electives online).

This also may allow some students and families to choose a schedule in which they come face to face certain days and stay online for other days.  This would have to be worked out with principal and teacher approval as our goal is to maintain correct social distance. Parents couldn’t all choose to send their students on a Monday as the in person class would be too large.