Distance Learning

Distance Learning
Posted on 04/10/2022

Dear MAPS Families,


In light of the weather possible during springtime in Marquette, it seems prudent to explore a means to provide education on days when circumstances prevent in-person learning.  


In their September 2, 2021 memo, the Michigan State Board of Education defined distance learning as an option whereby “students attend instruction through a synchronous platform…instructional times will remain the same as the bell schedule identified by the district for in-person learning.”  I understand this format for remote learning would be a challenge for families, particularly those with younger students.  For this I apologize.  However, I would ask you to consider partnering with MAPS in this effort to again capture every opportunity for students to learn, despite extenuating circumstances which might require us to cancel school.


Beginning April 12, 2022, in the event that circumstances allow for adequate notice, in lieu of a traditional school closure MAPS will be considering the option of distance learning.  

  1. Attendance is recorded in the same manner as that which is used for in person learning, with absences noted.  The statutory requirement of 75% attendance will still be necessary for the distance learning day to be counted.  

  2. Teachers will track student participation; monitor student wellness; grade assignments, homework and quizzes; provide feedback on student work; differentiate instruction; communicate through Seesaw, Google Meet, email, and Google Classroom.  

  3. Chromebooks will be sent home for any student who may require one.  If the need arises, hotspots will be installed nearest the parking areas in each of our seven buildings to aid families in downloading assignments and videos.  If a student does not have internet access at home, or no way of reaching a hotspot, hard copy learning packets will be made available for pickup or will be sent home with the student. 

  4. Students with IEP’s, 504’s and other learning plans will be provided accommodations that fit with synchronous distance learning. 

  5. Ancillary services will be provided to the extent possible for distance learning. Services such as OT, PT and speech may happen virtually if appropriate. 


Please look for more information from your student’s principal regarding the specifics for this method of learning.  Each building/level implementation will vary slightly, however, the “synchronous” nature of this learning modality will be consistent throughout the district.


Hoping everyone enjoyed their spring break! 




Zack Sedgwick,


Marquette Area Public Schools