MSHS Nickname Research Committee

MSHS Nickname Research Committee
April 14th Press Release;

On behalf of the Marquette Area Public Schools Board of Education we sincerely appreciate the public’s participation in our recent survey used to gather input on our high school nickname. 

Consumer Connections out of Green Bay, WI, conducted the survey with the following facts and results: 
* 21, 241 surveys mailed out to district registered voters
* 4,799 valid votes received
* 1,607 cards returned undeliverable by USPS due to address changes
* Voting options were randomized
* 59.012% supported keeping current nicknames
* 40.988% supported seeking a new nickname

MAPS Board of Education and administration is currently focused solely on meeting the needs of our students and community in dealing with COVID-19. The Board will address the results of the survey, as well as a vote bringing closure to the nickname debate, at a later time more appropriate to addressing this matter. This will be scheduled with adequate notice and conducive to full public participation.

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians and Community, 

As we continue to receive opinions and comments regarding the Nickname issue, we want to keep the heart of the issue at the forefront.  We are an amazing school supported by an amazing community. We will continue the work to educate on the polarizing points by multiple communication mediums. The interview on TV-6 last night was intended for this purpose. Regrettably, only a portion of my interview made the TV-6 news story; parts were edited that I’d hoped would have been included. Below are additional considerations I want to share: 

I am most appreciative of our entire community for their ongoing support of our students, staff and district. It was never the intention of the Board, staff or administration for the nickname issue to become so divisive. We were focused on improving the climate and culture for our students.  We are seeking solutions to alleviate the stress and anxiety our students experience in what should be their most memorable years of school.  We strive to provide the best possible academic environment for our students. 

MAPS students are successful because they work hard, have incredible family and faculty support, and because they grow up in a community that really cares about and supports them. We don’t want to lose support or have students feel the need to “choose sides”.  Community tensions will create student tensions which will hinder student growth and collegial relationships in their high school years.  

At this time, the Board has not made any decisions regarding the district nickname. There are many voices that have not been heard and each is important. Ideally, the intent is to seek solutions that improve the school climate and culture while keeping our community united behind a school system everyone can be proud to support.

William Saunders, Superintendent
Marquette Area Public Schools

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