MAPS Support Staff of the Year

Ken Lancour

Marquette Area Public Schools is pleased to announce that our “Support Staff Person of the Year” for 2021-2022 is Ken Lancour.  Mr. Lancour is the Head Custodian at Sandy Knoll Elementary School.  His nominator wrote, “When Ken is around, things are spotless and getting done.  All of the teachers and staff at Sandy Knoll can count on Mr. Ken to get them what they need and if he can’t he will figure out a way to make sure it gets done somehow.  Ken works during the day and always has a smile on his face and is always saying hi to the students and staff.  He is willing to do anything to help, always going above and beyond to make sure our building is in pristine condition.  He has always been the one that teachers can depend on when things get a little ‘messy’.”


2020-21 Jennifer Snyder (Marquette Senior High School)
2018-19 Margie Jeevar (Bothwell Middle School)
2017-18 Sue Britton (Sandy Knoll Elementary)