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Message from Superintendent Saunders

November 17th, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,


As I’m sure most of you are aware, the state has officially declared all 9-12 education be moved to remote learning.  Additionally, all extra-curricular activities and sports are suspended during this period of time effective Wednesday, November 18 through December 8.  Our administrative teams from both high schools (MSHS and MAHS) have put detailed plans in place. They’ll be communicating with parents what the teaching and learning plans will look like, what student expectations will be, and how the teachers and staff will support all students. 

Throughout the on-line learning period for 9-12 students, MAPS food service will continue with scheduled pickup times in which breakfast and lunch will be distributed. This information will be available on MAPS website at or directly at the Food Service website.

The move to remote learning also brings on other questions and concerns, most notably internet connectivity issues. MAPS has established hotspots on each school building where students can obtain an internet signal. The hotspots are located closest to the parking lots and labeled as free WiFi. Please contact your building administrator if you have no internet at home and are unable to access a hotspot at one of our seven buildings. 

I’ve received a few inquiries from the community and staff as to why K-8 remains open.  In all the plans pushed out from the state, even back to last summer, maintaining face-to face learning at the younger ages has been a top priority. Our government officials articulated this point Sunday night. Aside from the greater benefits of face-to-face instruction, it was noted that transmission among the younger ages was less than that of our older students. Additionally, in recent conversations with our own county health department, they are not recommending a universal county wide closure of K-8 schools. Our own data shows three active cases among all K-8 students. The MAPS school board and administration will continue our current practice to monitor the data daily, and if cases rise or if transmission occurs within the schools, we’ll be prepared to go virtual for the health and safety of all.

The current climate of educating students in the COVID era is extremely taxing on our educators, administrators, students, parents and families. No blueprint exists to guide us to the best choices and every decision is second guessed. Families still have a choice to have their children learn on-line or face-to-face. For the nearly 2600 students still choosing some aspect of in-person learning, it seems evident that wearing masks and social distancing is making a difference and creating a safer environment. 

Our educators, like our first responders, have risen to the challenge and are remarkable unsung heroes. Please join me in showering them with all the praise possible; it’s well deserved.

William B. Saunders
Marquette Area Public Schools

School Board Announcement

MAPS Regular School Board Meeting of December 14th, 2020 at 5:30 pm

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